The Wotnot book is a book that contains all of the Elemental Warriors and holds your Crystal Eyes and extra things. Ortho is inside the book and may give out hints everynow and then. He can click the start button on the Xbox 360 controller and it will pause and go to the Front of the Wotnot book. Before obtaining it you must go through trials to get Ortho to trust you to use the wotnot book. This book also holds your records the Ancestors you've saved, Elemental Fruit collected and lots of other things in it.

The front of the wotnot book showing Ortho making a face

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The first page of the wotnot book which shows the Elemental Warriors, in which you can Assign to one of the 3 buttons Y B AND X. This shows all of the elemental warriors you can collect.

It serves as a vessel for the Elemental Warriors, as well as the Element of Power. It is one of the 2 artifacts needed to control them.