Pummel Weed is a boxer venus flytrap plant that is useful for fighting off Trolls. He has many crazy and useful attacks that quickly take out a troll at a time and is highly considered for combat situations.
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Pummel Weed

Thorns grow on the 4 leaves on his head once Razor Edge is aquired. His attacks often cause a Brutal Bonus like his Weed Kill for example. He is the first out of the 2 plant elements, the other is Snare.

History Edit

The Queen of the Third Age spent much of her life hunting for the Elemental Warriors, scouring the wilderness with her most trusted troops. Eventually she discovered an Elemental Sprite deep within a meadow filled with fruits and berries. With the fabled Wotnot Book in her possession, the Queen was able to capture the Elemental Sprite and restore its true identity: Pummel Weed, the Elemental Warrior whose existence kept the harvest bountiful and helped the fruit of the land to ripen. With Pummel Weed at her command, the Elves would never go hungry again. Later, the Queen was able to use the Element of Power, Transforming into Pummel Weed and harnessing his powerful techniques to destroy a rebel uprising in the old Sargothan ruins- an uprising that would have threatened the Elves' very way of life.