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Welcome to the Kameo Elements of Power WikiEdit

This is a Wiki about the 2005 Action Adventure game Kameo Elements of Power. I know there is already 2 wikis for this but i want to make this one a bigger and better one created by me, Neoninjaboy320

Game Overview Edit

Kameo Elements of power is a Action Adventure game in which players take controll of the made character Kameo a elf girl who takes controll of 10 Elemental Warriors that she uses to rescue her family from her jealous sister Kalus.
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Kameo Evolve Pummel Weed

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    Summary: added pummel weeds history
  • edit Wotnot Book
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  • new page Wotnot Book
    created by Neon320
    New page: The Wotnot book is a book that contains all of the Elemental Warriors and holds your Crystal Eyes and extra things. Ortho is inside the book and may...
    Added categories: Objects, Elemental Warriors, Playable Characters
    Added photos:

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  • new page Ash
    created by Neon320
    New page: Ash is a flightless Fire Dragon that can set trolls and other enemies on fire and can set off bombs you can in areas through out the game. He can...

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  • new page Elemental Warriors
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    New page: Elemental Warriors are the supernatural beings and creatures that is used and given to Kameo. They are very different and strange in many different...
    Added categories: Elemental Warriors, Characters, Playable Characters
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